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My name is Raphaelle
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As an award winning photographer and documentary producer with 45 years of experience, I know natural raw talent. Raphaelle has always amazed me with her photographic artistry throughout her self-taught journey. Raphaelle, young and humble, draws from her experience as a farmer and passionately transforms the magic of Mother Nature into gorgeous and emotion evoking glimpses of life that everyone should be fortunate enough to see.

There is seeing, and there is “seeing.” Raphaelle truly sees!

Phae Photography is a gem! This young artist has an exquisite eye for detail, shape, style, delicacy, and color. One of her pieces has intricacies reflecting off dewdrops! Her photographs show life and nature in ways I've never seen or imagined, even when they are "just" regular still-lifes or people and pets posing. I would buy up her entire portfolio if I could afford to!

anemone flower by Raphaelle Thomet
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Raphaelle is a true natural talent, her joy of life and consciousness radiate from almost every photo, perfectly conveyed without any fuss. Humorous and varied.
Wow: this is a gorgeous collection of truly magnificent nature and wildlife photos! Particularly your composition work is masterful, Raphaelle. At your young age you're already 10x the photographer I will ever be, which I find extremely impressive and very inspiring!
A truly wonderful eclectic selection of images by a young gifted photographer with a tangible creative edge.
Worthy of support undoubtedly. I wish her good luck!

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Beau & Gru🥰
The sun illuminates the shoreline town of Spiez in a golden hue.
Atop a rolling hill and beneath majestic mountains, a church stands overlooking the farmland and town to which it belongs. I captured this photograph as the sun rose behind me casting a warm, welcoming glow upon the snow-capped mountains. As the earth warmed, the mist dissipated from lingering over the lush green hills, making way for a brand new day.
Nestled on the edge of a cliff near the delightful town of Appenzell, Switzerland, the Aescher Restaurant is a breathtaking sight to behold. Stopping by for a midday meal wouldn't be so bad either, although I'd only be speculating because I brought my own food.🤪
Thun Castle, with its pointed turrets, stands against the majestic backdrop of the Niesen Mountain in Bern, Switzerland.
Overlooking the small town of Blumenstein in Bern, Switzerland.
A Sunday stroll among yellow buttercups and through the jagged Appenzell mountains of Switzerland.🌞
The medieval Zytglogge (Clock Tower) on a murky morning in Bern, Switzerland.
The sun sets on the snug houses and cobbled streets of old-town Chur, an alpine city nestled in the eastern Graubünden canton of Switzerland.
Château de Tourbillon in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, stands on a hill overlooking the city of Sion.🤩
A magical day in Thun, Switzerland.😍

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